Business Development


Business Structure

An important decision in starting your business is determining the best organizational structure.   This decision will affect the operation, control, the way income is reported and taxed, and the associated personal liability.

Sole Proprietorship 



      C Corporation

      S Corporation

      Not for Profit Corporation

Business Planning

A business plan is the best way to gauge how your company is going to thrive. The best plan is one that outlines the start up period so we can see what needs changed before you start your endeavor. Often business plans are used to get funding to assist with construction and /or start up costs, either through commercial bank loan, private investors, or conversion of your personal assets.

How is the plan developed?

We meet and discuss the entire process and procedures of your endeavor.  Then from that information we can review the draft product to ensure the entire business process is covered.  After that, the plan is finalized and delivered to you to use for guidance.